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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Latest Shipment Arrives!

Still without any full line glass distributor in Ontario, we seem to be doing even better today as we continue to shop elsewhere. 
And we couldn't be more excited! 
And why do you ask?
Selection is so much better than it was the last ten years under the old Hollander Glass, as they slowly slid into bankruptcy. 
And prices today are significantly less.
So, what came in yesterday?
How about all the out of stocks on our fusible glass such as the very popular SP226.72 Lemongrass? Or Sp100F Clear Crystal Iridescent? Thick SPBlack? Even SP100F Thick Clears in Ice and Crystal. 
Also in, all missing Spectrums (most importantly all their clear textures), the long time gone black c-chain, a bunch of Youghioghenys (the most popular YO4444SP), filters for Fumetraps, Bullseye Clear fusible,  grinder coolant, all Morton tools, Taurus ring saw blades, pre-tinned copper wire in all gauges and plutonium (just checking to see if you were paying attention)...
We also got a pile of Rat Paks in and look what we found hidden inside-

While all three are pretty cool, Mikey's most excited by the one above- a fusible Spirit made from Spectrum's amazing Blue Aventurine! 
Here's another shot below as it's tough to photograph how awesome this glass is.

And a special thanks to The Other Mikey who helped Vanna Opal unload the shipment as Mikey snoozed at home blissfully unaware...

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