Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Our Used Tool Sale ...

... is underway and with a vengeance! 
From Fan Out lead dykes,  to Toyo lead pattern shears to Supercutters, to gently used soldering iron tips ($3/ea!) to light sockets and in-line switches, to grinder heads (used and new in damaged packaging) to strip/cirlcle cutters and running pliers- just so much stuff. 
Mikey even tripped across a box of high-end lamp fixtures- 3-socket clusters in verde green patina finish and 4-socket clusters in rich brown patina all with old style keyed sockets. If you've ever built a Tiffany style lamp then this is the ultimate and final touch to complete that lamp. Originally priced at $139 and $169. Yours for $50!

 And should you want to come in to visit and think you might be missing the Olympics, don't worry- Mikey has installed a large flat screen TV for your Olympic viewing pleasure (and how-to YouTube videos no doubt after the Games... Vanna Opal).

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