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Friday, 11 April 2014

Upcoming Incredibly Amazing and Stupendous Seminar

Looks like Mikey has been buying some adjectives again. It's just him bragging about the popular Glass Cutting Seminar he holds a few times throughout the year. So, on Saturday April 26 (thanks Mike W!), for a lousy $19...   

So you think you know everything about cutting glass? This seminar is for novice and expert alike. Can't cut a perfect circle? Can't manage tight inside curves? Can't cut two hundred pieces all exactly the same? Don't know the hexadecimal value of the number 32? Mikey might. and he'll tell you when you take this course. As well as proper cutting techniques, he'll cover the use of strip/circle cutters, pattern making, etc. That’s the glass cutting part. Below is the Jig part-
     When you work in a studio setting there are all sorts of tricks you develop so the boss doesn't know you've been goofing off. These tricks allow for more accurate and faster production as well as the undying gratitude of the bourgeois capitalist who owns the business. While the average craftsperson may not care much about speed, being able to cut the same shape repeatedly with perfect accuracy might be kind of cool and useful. This show will delve into the use of strip/circle cutters, the use of sliders and how to build and use a jig board- a tool shrouded in mystery and fear by those who fail to learn and understand it.

Call 416-252-6868 to register...

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