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Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Fun and Easy Fusing Project

And how do we know it's so easy? Because Gary Brown can do it.
This is a variation of the popular drink coaster project many early fusers find themselves trying. All you need is a 12" clear sale square as a cap (and to give the coaster some body to help overcome volume control issues- ask Mikey), and then a base colour. Mikey used his favourite- Blue Aventurine.

We then cut each sale square into 4" squares (cool- no waste) stacked the clear on top of the blue, loaded them into the kiln and fired them to 1480F.

Next, we pulled out our trusty Beattie's Ultimate Strip Guide sort of ably modelled here by Mac (model provided for a small promotional fee)-

We then cut one 1.75" strip in four different colours, turned the strips sideways and made a bunch of squares, which were then split diagonally (just like how Mikey's mom used to cut his Klik  sandwiches)(couldn't afford Spam)-

Moving along, we then managed once again to pry that Beattie Strip Guide out of the vice like grip of Mackenzie's and using the 5/8" notch, split the squares like so (green sample used for dramatic effect)-

With no help whatsoever from Mackenzie, we figured out how to orient all the split triangles and with Fuser's Glue lined them up,  and loaded them into the kiln-

Even though the base glass is now 1/4" thick, there still is a small volume control effect so we chose to do a low fire- 1440F with a short 2 minute hold. This also made the puzzle more 3D like and therefore more attractive in Mackenzie's opinion-

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gary said...

Yes folks! Every GaryCanDoIt(tm) project is so straightforward, so easy, so darn simple, YOU can do it! If my Skill Challenged cousin Gary can do it, YOU can do it too!

G. Browne, Est.
Artiste (ret)