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Friday, 18 July 2014

An Apology, Sort of

As just a lowly stained glass shopkeeper who tries to keep his finger on the pulse of this industry, we have seen a great change in the focus of our business over the past few years.
And that change has been towards fusing.
We realize that promoting fusing so strongly can result in alienating our stained glass customers and this is crucial to avoid as while fusing is getting bigger, it will always remain a small percentage of sales.
So why this blog entry you ask?
Perhaps it's to apologize for the recent trend here on this blog, which was heavy on matters related to fusing and slumping rather than stained glass. Or perhaps to remind people that glass for fusing is also great glass you can use for stained glass. Or perhaps if we talk less about fusing we'll also hear less from Rev. Gary Brownburp.
But if you have any questions about fusing don't be afraid to ask.
Mikey was there before the beginning (not like in Egyptian times, but like in modern glass industry times- like before you could even buy fusible glass and we tested our own).
Yes, it does seem that Mikey somehow fluked his way into a trend that finally happened thirty years later.
Cleaning up the other day, Mikey tripped across one of his first fusing experiments- GNA strips laid on edge with a clear top and bottom cap done over thirty years ago. Pic above (and yes, you can still fuse with the whole GNA line- except red) ...

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