Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Some Housekeeping Stuff

A couple of notes ...
As usual, Spectrum at times discontinues some colours and brings in new ones. We are usually pretty good at telling you what's new, but not so much on what's been dropped (Vanna Opal's fault no doubt... Mikey).
In the regular line BR604, 6029.83, I100V, I100QR are all gone.
In fusible 218.71, 403.96 and OA244.54 are no longer available.
On another note, we've always used antiques as store fixtures but as we grown over 30 years, due to space constraints these fixtures have been 'decommissioned' and are now sitting unloved and forlorn just waiting to be picked up by someone to be once again loved and admired. Go here to check them out...

This antique not for sale... yet...

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