Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

AG Macaron Saves the Day

Here I sit at end of day, wondering what we’ve done to have earned such great neighbours. We came in this morning to a tenant who vacated his apartment leaving the remnants of 3 years of crates, skids and packing materials that he told us he would dispose of for us when he actually crammed it all into his apartment.
A hoarder in the extreme.
If you shop with us, then you know we often suggest a visit to our next door neighbour AG Macaron. 
Very nice people. Great product. 
A fellow small business owner worthy of your and our support.
Today Mike, Matt and Anet didn’t just pitch in to help but literally took over and salvaged a very bad day and made it into a much better one.
So, don’t go to A G Macaron for their treats because they are great. Go there because they are even better people.

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