Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Why No Bullseye Glass Oh Mikey One?

We get a lot of enquiries as to why we no longer carry Bullseye Glass. After all we are the largest supplier of fusible glass and sundries in Canada. There are several reasons, here’s another one-
Who can compete if the manufacturer themselves are selling direct to retail and then offering discounts of up to 50%? Just go to their on-line store here. No need to even change out of your underwear and drive to a retailer here in Ontario with these deals.

Here's a sample of how a retailer can't compete selling Bullseye- buy 100 sheets of Thinfire fusing paper for $350.85 (U.S). Now assuming you are willing to spend $1200 at retail (which really means you are only spending $600)(easy if you get together with a friend or two) at 50% off, a sheet of Thinfire now costs $1.75 U.S.. At today's exchange rate that's $2.29 CDN. Shipping adds about 50cents/sheet, and as this is a U.S. product and there is no duty, this item lands here for a price close to what most retailers would pay.

I'd be concerned if I was a retail store trying to make a living selling Bullseye Glass today.