Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Friday, 16 October 2015

Mikey's So Excited!

Figimodo loves to sit on homesote
The best surface to work on whether it be a copper foil project, a lead panel or even a fused piece, is without a doubt homesote. It's what our studio tables are made from and most of the horizontal surfaces you'll find in the retail part of our store. It accepts push pins easily, is impervious to spills, lightweight and self healing, it really is the ideal work surface. Problem is it's not easily found and if you do, the quantities are usually too large for one person (we had to buy 60 sheets on our first order many years ago which we cut into a total of 600 pieces and sold every single one in no time at all!
We are now happy to announce that this Tuesday homesote is back at FIG and for sale. We will carry it in 19" x 48" sheets which should be optimal for most purposes (remember it's light so weight isn't an issue). And the great thing about homesote is that if you want to change the size it is easily cut with a knife. We'll even cut it down for you when you buy a sheet if you'd like.

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