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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Why All the Bullsye Pics and Stuff You Asked?

Well, we just had another major Bullseye shipment arrive at Fantasy In Glass (apparently the neighbours had been complaining again about the lack of good firewood and now rejoice at the quality and quantity of the wooden Bullseye Glass Crates now nestled at the rear of FIG World Headquarters). With all the turmoil of several truck shipments from the States arriving in the same week along with tearing down and rebuilding new glass racks, we've been a little overwhelmed. If you ordered supplies by mail, we apologize for being a little tardier than usual, but are now hopefully back up to speed again. Again, the selection is amazing, the colours stunning and the quality unsurpassable (sorta like Mikey).
This latest shipment includes a bunch of curious fusible glass selected by Sarah from Bullseye Glass and as they are not standard colours we thought this a nice way to show off the uniquenes of this glass by our equally unique customers.
We also got the new Bullseye shelf paper in sheets and as 41"roll, some high powered glass cleaner, marking pens, stringers, Mardi Gras fractures, Bullseye Rods for lampworkers and the usual added selection of frits and powders. Yes, we do love Bullseye!


Anonymous said...

FIG's latest shipment of Bullseye Glass also includes a wonderful selection of Fusible Special Production sheet glass! Bullseye Special Production sheets are limited edition, one-of-a-kind batches of sheet glass and each sheet is denoted with a turquoise "Special Production" label. Choose a sheet with that label, and take home some Bullseye Glass that is extra special! Enjoy!

Sarah from Bullseye Glass Co.

FusedLight said...

I just got a bunch of 'em in from BE and they are Way Cool. Well, at least they will be until I heat 'em up the kiln. Bwahahahahahaha....

Gary ... you know who