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Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Neat Fusing Project Using Spectrum's New Cord

While it's been very difficult to get hold of Spectrum Glass over the past couple of years (they really aren't a small boutique manufacturer although it's availability has made many think it is), new colours do seem to occasionally dribble in- usually through our steady supply of Rat Paks. If not for these boxes full of 12" pieces we'd have no white for fusers as we haven't seen that in many months. One that has caused us to get a little excited is Spectrum's popular Cord texture now coming in in Black (and FIG Tested White). Heck, Spectrum themselves even seem to be proud of being able to produce another new glass that of course, no one in Canada will likely be able to buy. Here's a pic of a plate Zenia made, and here's a link to the instructions on how to make your own (don't tell anyone but it works with Bullseye's textures as well, and those we can actually get).

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