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Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's in!
Fifty (50) colours and 1000 square feet of glass.
All in Sys96 fusible. And as we carry everything our OOCGS carries, when you add in this shipment, we still have the largest selection of (ever-increasing) fusible 96 glass available in Canada (to go along with us already having the largest selection of COE90 glass in Canada)! And as you can use this glass for your regular stained glass projects, we continue to have the largest variety of glass anywhere.
And with no U.S. dollar surcharge too (currently 8.8% as our dollar is at 98 cents). After all, when goods arrive from the States, it's at that point that we calculate our costs when we've bought our American money- we didn't buy today's goods with last year's 85 cent dollar and then add a surcharge.
Check out our packing slip here...

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