Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Monday, 5 October 2009

Second Floor Officially Reopens

Many years ago we renovated part of the second floor and put in a cafe for our customers, ably run by Tania and Zenia.
Sadly, T and Z grew up, and no longer feel the need to be sensitive to their parents feelings, so the cafe, alas, is no more.
But the really cool space still exists. With fire engine red cast iron stove.Motion sensitive lighting. And it now has been reopened for more retail space, putting us up to almost 4000 sq. ft.
So, if you can manage the stairs, you'll find:
1) over 300 lampbases
2) sale priced books
3) oxygen generators (you might need one, after taking the stairs) for torchwork
4) patio furniture
5) Worden lamp molds and patterns
6) Odyssey lamp molds and patterns
7) Mikey's famous reference library
Check out the video tour below...

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