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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Reactive Stuff

An area in fusing that has been getting much more attention lately is the use and experimentation with reactive glasses. This is when certain glasses are fused next to each other, they can produce a chemical reaction (sort of like Mikey and his mother-in-law... Vanna Opal) in the areas where they melt together. This is caused when elements, or ions, in the two glasses actually mix with one another, changing the chemistry where they meet. The result of this chemical change shows as a thin line of color between the two glasses. Often dramatic.
A colour reaction doesn't occur between all glasses and can vary according to colour. To help guide you in exploring this, Mikey being ever helpful has put copies of Spectrum/Uroboros' Reactive Charts on our web page here.
We also will be announcing soon the addition of a new seminar devoted to the experimentation and use of reactive glass.
Oh yeah, wanna see some of our fusing experiments and stuff, go here.

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