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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Bullseye Order Or Mikey Might Have Too Big a Mouth?

One of the advantages of a blog is that the two or three people that read it get news on Fantasy In Glass as it occurs. You get an 'insider's' view on the happenings at the store (like didn't the story about Mikey's fuzzy pyjamas and his Space View watch just bring a tear to your eye?). A disadvantage is that it also might bring a tear to the eye of our competitors, giving them advance knowledge of when, why and what we order. But hey, it's you we love, not them. So, coming in July-
Aanraku jewelry findings and grinder bits, including their really cool, studio quality wall mounting system for panels, Bullseye fusible sheet glass including all their new colours and Tekta 3mm clear fusible in 72" lengths, more Bullseye frits and powders including cullet in 40 lb buckets, torch working rodz (yup, all the new colours too- after all, we are still the only supplier in Canada carrying this entire line) including some Special Production Rods such as Forest Mist, Glacier and Marvelous Mikey (not really, just checking to see if the three of you are paying attention...Ed).
In August-
Jen-Ken kilns (and yes, we will again be offering special pre-order pricing so keep your eyes on this space for pending details), a series of clear textured glass in crate lots at incredibly low pricing, some new and amazing ra... (hey, we have to keep some stuff for a future blog entry, besides, being the Editor, we like to entertain and tease everyone at our own pace (even the competition)...

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Anonymous said...

oh what a tease you are....still accepting Canadian Tire money, great. I'll also be increasing my credit card limit so I can come SPEND SPEND SPEND......more more more...keep the blogs coming,coming, coming...can't wait!