Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Hot Flash!

The arrival of a steadily increasing stream of products has begun. Just in the door today for the fusing and torchworking fan (get it? Hot flash? Nobody said Mikey spent alot on fresh jokes...Sam He Is) we've got rigidized 1" fibre board, 4" kiln shelves, all manner of fine stainless steel shaping tools, kiln glasses at under $30.00!, mouth atomizers and Z-Tex hot gloves.
Coming Monday is our big order of Aanraku bails, and Two-fer-One grinder bits (yup, real cheap and really great quality).
Within the next two weeks we'll see the arrival of our next Bullseye order- a very big one too, with lots of glass (absolutely- all their new colours are coming), stringers, frits, powders, molds and Rodz for torchworking (including all their new colours as well as some Special Production Rodz), chemicals, 40 lb pails of frit for the really sloppy artist, a couple of crates of their Clear Tekta and even Bullseye Water Bottles (probably free when Mikey figures out a way to determine worthiness...)

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