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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mom Said Nothing Is Free- Mom Was Wrong!

For twenty five years we've offered free studio space (yup, that also includes use of our grinders, lightboxes, soldering irons and access to all our charm). We also have a dedicated self-contained lampworking studio that you, the customer, who we love dearly, can use for your own personal (but keep it legal) pleasure!
This space includes Nortel torches, oxygen concentrators, bead annealing kiln and hand tools. Heck, even a stereo!

We've now succumbed to that incessant whining from the hoards of lampworkers (ok- at least Zenia), and are now extending our Free Studio Policy to include our Torch Room. That’s right folks! Our Lampworking Studio is now free to use.
Ah yeah, you say. That Magnificent Mikey must have some hidden ulterior motive, right? Nah, he's just trying to encourage a bit more growth in this new field of glass and get more people to use Bullseye. How, you ask? Like this:

Cost is absolutely FREE (up to 3 hours/day) if you work with Bullseye!
Cost is $11.99/hour if you work with any other glass.
(that’s right- we can discriminate)
Simple, eh?! Yup...

Included for free is torch time, dipped mandrels, use of a basic tool set, designer shades (that’s right, you too can look pretentious and wear these shades inside) and kiln annealing time…
We’ll even rent you a locker for a lousy $5/month which we then will donate to Sick Kids Hospital.
Available from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturdays.
Call us at 416-252-6868 before to reserve and to allow us time to prep the space (dip mandrels, wash doilies, etc).
You're welcome Zenia...

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