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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Mikey Feels a Good Rant Coming On!

Well, well, well. It's been what, about six hours since we last gave Bullseye some sort of mention, hasn't it?! In that case then it's about time to do a little rant on this manufacturer- and a nicer manufacturer we’ve never found.
While the Egyptians might have invented glass fusing (go here to read Mikey's Fusing Paper), it was Bullseye that turned it into an art form that is now accessible to almost anyone. Well at least to any of our customers, as we seem to be the only source of the full line of this great artglass being a dealer for almost ten years.
What about other manufacturers such as Spectrum which we also carry? A cheaper glass you say? True, but your colour selection is so limited you might as well be working with crayon. Of course you could fill out their limited palette with the accompanying glasses from Uroboros but, oops, there goes your savings. Why not just stick with Bullseye's palette of well over 200 colours, in various thicknesses, various textures, various iridescent coating styles and all the accessory glass like stringers, frits, fractures and powders to go along with it.
Heck, they are now also an up and coming supplier of rods for torchwork and were very generous in their support of our involvement in the recent Bead Oasis Show (as well as donations of glass to our Cooking with an Executive Chef seminars, etc).
The trend may be towards using a glass like Spectrum because of its cost (false), but we will continue to fight the fight and carry as much Bullseye as we can and will continue to price it aggressively to ensure it is available to as many people as possible. Besides, Lani McGregor (partner in Bullseye) (and Amy- retired sale rep for us) read our blog and as far as we know Spectrum doesn't.

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