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Friday, 8 May 2009

Mikey's Math Lesson for the Day

Fantasy In Glass has eleven 8' Sale Square Racks and one 4' rack.
That's 92' of Sale Racks
Each Rack is nine rows high.
That's 828 linear feet of Sale Racks.
Each Rack has an average of eight slots per row.
Tthat means there are about 800 slots in these Racks.
Each pocket holds an average of 14 pieces of glass.
These's also a dozen Rat Pack Boxes each holding about 90 pieces.
That means Fantasy In Glass has over 12,000 Sale Squares on sale ALL THE TIME!
On top of that, when you buy 5, you get 1 free, buy 9, get 2 free, buy 12, get 3 free...
And that applies to all 12,000 sale squares appropriate for your stained glass project
... and about 4,600 fusible glass sale squares (both System 96 and Bullseye 90)!

Here's some pics ably taken by Zenia yesterday...
Walk in our front door this is the rack to the right, containing mostly Spectrum Glass, from simple cathedrals of all textures, up to more exotic stuff like 2-colour baroques and iridescents.

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