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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Nurture or Nature

Are we a product of our environment, or of our genetic makeup? 
In other words, does the ability to do creative and technically proficient work come from instruction and guidance from organizations and people such as those found at Fantasy In Glass, or are peoples' level of ability predetermined based on who their parents are?  
Well, if you only shop and get your knowledge from the internet you might never find out. You see, bricks and mortar suppliers have so much more to offer aside from just selling you supplies. While some people have natural ability, there is so much your local retailer offers- like which cutter is best suited for you, whether that wheel is still good, or why you should reconsider some of the glass selections made (it may be end-of-stock, or unrepeatable, or difficult if  your pattern has lots of inside curves), all things that only they can properly help with. 
So, while this note might seem a little self-serving, remember, your local bricks and mortar supplier is actually the best source for help, advice and supplies, not always the internet, because sometimes when you think you might be saving money that might not actually be the case.
And that doesn't just mean us. We might be the first and still only officially sanctioned glass supplier in Canada, but there's still lots of competition out there keeping us all on our toes. Like Jennifer at Home and Haven, a fusing glass supplier and instructor in Kitchener at 817 Queen's Blvd (tel:519-579-7213). Drop in for a special Open House on Sat. May 9th and view her Spring line of giftware, crafts and jewelry..

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