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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bullseye Thin Fire Paper

Bullseye says, save time and avoid brush stroke marks. With that attitude where the heck would Jackson Pollock be today? We like brush marks and texture. But it can be unseemly at times. That's when you'll want to use thin shelf paper instead of kiln wash for an ultra smooth finish on the back of your fused piece. Bullseye's ThinFire Shelf Paper doesn't shrink (oh yeah? Give it to my wife- she shrinks everything...Mikey) or curl up in the kiln and features a printed pattern of the Bullseye logo on the bottom side, as shown above. That way the kids won't use it for crafts. The logo pattern does not affect glass or kiln shelves but sure looks mighty cool.

Why the logo? Well, for one, it helps strengthen Bullseye's branding and image. Some of our Bullseye loyalists take perverse pleasure in placing Spectrum glass on top of the Bullseye logo encrusted paper to remind people that there is another choice for fusing glass (although not with paper as Bulleye's is the only one) and two, Thinshelf paper really does have a smoother side. Just remember, logo side down against the shelf; plain side up, against the glass to create the smoothest, cleanest-possible finish for your work.

One time use. Measures 20-1/2" x 20-1/2". Or cut from a roll at 41" wide.

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