Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Gary Brown

Like Lex Luthor to Superman, I too have a nemesis. And his name is Gary Brown.
I have pictures.
He apprehensively awaits their exposure to the great unwashed public.
I, in turn, wait patiently to decide when to inflict them upon my followers.
I had a great post written and queued up to accompany the exposure of Mr. Brown (It was about a twitter exchange between Jim Matthews from Spectrum and Lani McGregor from Bullseye agreeing to a Sys93 compromise).
It was good, not great.
I couldn't exceed my (or your) expectations, so I posted nothing.
Except his picture...

1 comment:

FusedLight said...

Sorry to take so long to reply. They (and "they" go nameless, as is their wont) are a bit slow to forward mail to those of us in the witness protection program. Something about homeland security, maple syrup, and crossing the border at Thunder Bay at night.

All I'll say for now was that I did escape the attempt on my life via chicken schnitzel. Only a large infusion of the National Drink of Canada saved me. Long live Caesar!