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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Keep Your Thoughts Pure and Your Glass Clean

Some helpful advice for fusers from Bullseye found here.
And yes, we do carry this product.
As a matter of fact we have it on sale until the end of June...

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FusedLight said...

For Joy! You now stock the Good Stuff. Mixed with a bit of Canadian Whisky (not to be confused with whiskEy, of course (a wry comment, if you get my drift...)), the BE liquid will Clean your Glass as you quaff a amazingly refreshing beverage! A twist of lime, for a bit of final cleansing acidity, is a perfect touch.

Oh, and it also does a bang-up job on glass. I do, though, follow up with a final 99% isopropyl wash and a swipe with a micro fibre cloth. With that, I've NEVER had a mark even on hard-to-clean BE black.

Reconstructional yours,
GC (hey, you have been reading http://selbydale.com, haven't you?) Brown, esq.