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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Damn Figimodo!

As you might have read above, Figimodo, the official What's Going to be On Sale at FIG mascot has taken off to France for the summer, putting undue pressure on Mikey and the staff to come up with equally promising sales.

As he traipses around Paris, visiting his family at Notre Dame and generally carousing with all manner of sordid characters (hey, where's Gary Brown this month?) he leaves the FIG staff in disarray digging out of this Slumpy order or even posting some really good sales.

Each week the FIG Staff are posting some hopefully amazing sale item.

This week (until June 10);

1) Taurus III Ringsaw..............$444.44!!!
and for fusers...
2) Bullseye kilnshelf paper....10 sheets/ $29.99
(sales no credit card, some limits may apply)

And, we've also added a Sales Table with continuously rotating stock all at some great discounts.

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FusedLight said...

Here I am! Here I am!!! I've kinda been moping around waiting for the house to come back to life (see: http://selbydale.com), and It Finally Is. I've also been invigorated by going out to SanFran and seeing a bunch of my old PLATO buddies at the 50th anniversary celebration. You think email, and IM'ing, and all those fancy things you darn kids do is new? Heck, we were doing that stuff back in '74!

Anyway, seeing all those new molds from Slumpy's has given me Grand Ideas. Mikey..l you DID get some of their new light-cone Stainless Steel molds didn't you? Well, I'm going to go and make some Cool Lights to illuminate The Dot as she does her coming-down-the-staircase-at-Tara bit. Ooooo... it'll be So Cool.