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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Coneart Kilns

I really don't know what else we can say about this kiln manufacturer, except I wish we could sell more of their kilns for them.
Frank, Ian and all the rest of the staff are simply too easy to get along with, are all very knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating and supportive whenever we call. They make a great kiln (six models specific to glass fusing- five of which we now carry in inventory)
This is a Canadian kiln manufacturer, which means CSA Approval comes on each kiln they sell. It also means that as they are local, you're paying only for the kiln and not also for shipping it from the U.S. (they'll even deliver direct to your door too!). This gives them more than a 25% price advantage over its American competitors. And if you need service, we can help you there too- no packing it up and shipping it off somewhere at great expense and risk!

All Coneart kiln pricing includes The Whole Works- that means our pricing includes a stand, shelf, kiln posts, lid prop, kilnwash, an extensive Fusing Technical Kit with handouts and disc and even Mikey's private telephone number in case you forget how to program your kiln when we're closed.

While our web page on kilns is woefully pathetic at this moment, we can stand proudly over our pricelist page as found here...

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