Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Always Pay Attention

This is what happens when you don't ask or don't read the labels.
It can end up being an expensive mistake as evident by by the picture above.
Sort of like not reading a fusible label...

The 100 grams of Pata Negra Prosciutto worked out to $9.00/slice...


Anonymous said...

My wife came home with a pound of Lorraine Swiss. She thought the bill was a bit high for her grocery shopping that day. She perused the receipt and almost choked when she saw that she had just paid $ 81.00
for that pound. She took it back.
Got her money back and they gave her the pound for free.

Anonymous said...

But, the Pata Negra is worth it! Enjoyed it a couple times in Duesseldorf during the last Glasstec exhibition. Sadly, US law forbids us such a delicacy. Protected from our own best vices!