Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Monday, 17 August 2009

Closing August 18, Reopening September 1

Tomorrow is the start of a two week sabbatical for Ed the Editor, the wit and wisdom provider of this ongoing blog (since 2001 in one form or another- not counting the shreds of soggy cocktail napkins occasionally slipped under the door to the Ivory Tower (Mikey's office).
He might wax poetic while sipping a Weissbier from high atop the Alps surrounded by Bavarian beauties with lily white skin, or then again he might just scratch his armpit, while drinking a Bud, wearing his favourite Nascar t-shirt and pondering the length of his mullet down at the local legion. With Ed you never quite know what to expect. So maybe, possibly he might drop a pearl of wisdom here over the next two weeks, but then he may not. Depends on those beauties or how cold the beer is.
See you in two weeks!

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