Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Monday, 3 August 2009

Mikey's Economic Lesson of the Day

Most Canadian retail stores must buy from our One and Only Canadian Stained Glass Supplier, where there is a US Dollar Surcharge added.

Surcharges are as follows:

Oct. 15, 2008- (dollar at .845 cents)- surcharge is 7.9%
July 28, 2009- (dollar at .925 cents)- surcharge is 13.8%

Make sense? Justified?
It’s a strange and trying time to be a Canadian stained glass retailer.
Anybody out there care to comment- you can easily do it anonymously...


Anonymous said...

I'll comment- annonymously.

Anonymous said...

It was nice when Monopoly was a board game.

MH said...

Ok. I would be easy enough to just say WTF and let it go at that. I think that this time I should get up on my soap box and say a thing or two about what I feel has happened to our supply chain since my preferred supplier was gobbled up.

I used to have an open and friendly rapport with the folks at my preferred supplier. They always had what I wanted in stock and were quite happy to let me wander around the warehouse to find exactly what I needed to "move" me. I found the Taurus Ring Saw there and was given a personal demonstration of all it could do. I found that the pricing from my prefered supplier was such that I didn't need to look to companies such as Delphi for mail order when I could place a quick phone call and have a bit of cheerful conversation and order the goods to my door. In my experience there was always stock for everything I needed. They began running classes in topics that interested me. In the end I have found that now that we have a single supplier I can no longer order what I like when it moves me because it either won't be in stock or it will be just as easily obtained from a US based source for releativly the same price. I choose to vote with my wallet. I understand that everyone needs to make a living and it is quite capital intensive to keep thousands of feet of glass on hand but I feel as if we the artists and retailers are the unfortuneate victims of parasitic profiteering where our concerns, constraints or economics are strictly unfortunate static in the ears of our sole supplier.