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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Figimodo Does It Again!

Seems Figimodo had some monkey business planned with his girlfriend Esmerelda the other night.
After sharing a great bottle of Acme Merlot (he liked the colour of the box the bag of wine came in), (and the twist-off cap was handy for resealing- hey the guy's 6" tall- how much booze do you think he can handle- these things are important to fictional characters) he succumbed to the parfume aroma of the wine and came up with a brilliant idea.
'Let's transform the basement into a HUGH hot tub' he slurred.

Well, the rest is history. Best laid plans of mice and hunchbacked fictional characters and all that as Gary Brown might say.
Things went a little astray. Basement flooded. Mikey's collection of little white table doilies all 
ruined. Not amused! 
Needless to say Figimodo will be doing extra yard work and other unpleasant sundry tasks until restitution has been made. The studio will take a few days to dry out and we will be back to our regularly scheduled programs after the weekend ....
We apologize to all of our students for the inconvenience  that having to cancel classes has put you all through this week. That is all...

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Doris said...

Figimodo has a girlfriend??? WHERE have I been? When did this happen, where did they meet, any chances of little Figettes??