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Monday, 14 November 2011

Fusing Seminar Nov. 26

Due to the latest mishap caused by Figimodo and his uncontrollable libido, we have had to reschedule the next fusing seminar.
The new date is Saturday Nov. 26, from 10am to 4pm.
And we still have some room (now in our newly refreshed 2200'  basement studio).
This is a full one-day six hour course that has been set up to cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques of fusing regardless of your knowledge level. Taught by Louie who's been with us for over twenty years!).
 Mikey will also make an appearance and walk you through the process of figuring out a firing schedule and then how to enter that program into a kiln computer controller.
Not only will you get a cool syllabus with CD and learn from the master herself, you will actually get to play with sharp glass and stringers and noodles and all manner of things and make as much stuff as you possibly can within that day and to have it all expertly fired by Mikey.
Now pay attention 'cuzz pricing is complicated (I'll type slowly). 
Cost for the 6 hour day is $195.00, *but this includes a store credit of $50.00 so you can choose your own materials. 
And do we have the materials! We carry virtually everything available from both Bullseye (coe 90) and System 96 (Spectrum/Uroboros). 
We will provide instruction and kiln space.

... and if you don't take this class, the Hulk is dropping the lid...

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