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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Continuing With Tiffany

There used to be a time, years ago, when we heard the name Louis Comfort Tiffany spoken with reverence and awe in our store several times throughout the day.
You see, those were the 'sweet spot' times in our industry when art glass manufacturers were exploring, inventing and rediscovering all manner of interesting glasses such as Drapery, Ring Mottles, various iridescence, Fractures and Fracture/Streamers- of which many were the invention of Tiffany Studios back about a hundred years ago.
And we carried it all. Things sure have changed...
One thing that hasn't changed though, is the genius of Louis Tiffany, and the legacy of his work and its effect on our industry today. He deserves to be better known. Check here for a great resource.
Further to the genius of Tiffany, Mikey continues a sporadic posting of some of his works.

Sir Galahad, Cryder Memorial Window, Before 1910
Leaded glass, 45 x 27 1/4 inches. 
St. Andrew’s Dune Church, Southampton, New York

(Louis C. Tiffany and the Art of Devotion is on exhibition at Museum of Biblical Art (MoBiA) in New York from Oct. 12, 2012 to Jan. 20, 2013. The introduction and photo captions were provided by MoBiA.)

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