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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Copper Foil Primer

Not All Foil Is Edible. Or equitable
We carry copper foil from three manufacturers;

 • Edco Foil is the line that we introduced to the Canadian market over 25 years ago (white package). It’s a dead soft foil with superior glue and shelf life. It’s the most expensive foil we sell, but it's also the best and therefore worth it. And it's so good...

 • Venture- in the red/purple crinkly bag. It’s copper is also crinkly, with a an oozy glue and shortest shelf life- not our favourite- actually, to be honest, we don't like it at all- even down to the crinkly bag which always rips and is then impossible to display.We carry it only because it’s a familiar brand. Priced a bit below Edco.

• DTI- the new guys and another first in Canada by us. It’s the best value out there today. Good glue, soft copper alloy and a clever package which doubles as a dispenser. Close in quality to Edco, yet cheaper than Venture making it the best buy on the market!

Of course all of these foils are available in many widths in copper, silver or black backed, but most importantly, they’re all 1.25mil thick. 
NB: because of supply issues, while we do carry all sizes and backing colours, we don't have all sizes/colours in all three lines.

Beware of new foil flooding the market that has been of suspect quality, and in the thinner 1mil thickness. We sell some as 'Really Crappy Foil, at such a low price, no one is allowed to complain...


Doris said...

Couldn't agree more, that Venture stuff is garbage....glue oozes and it also gets a mottled look even if you store it in air tight containers.

Amika said...

Thank you for this post. I have venture foil - I've never really liked the stuff & was thinking about alternatives. (most of the stores in michigan sell venture)