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Friday, 2 November 2012

New Glass Colours

Looks like Spectrum has their mojo back. After sitting back for too long, they are finally getting back up to speed and increasingly adding new colours (oops, with some help from Uroboros too!).

 In the past year we've seen Celadon (green/grey), Persimmon (orangy brown), a Deep Chocolate Brown, Lemongrass, Terra Cotta, Black Cherry and now two really nice Opal Greys. Charcoal Opal is a rich, bold dark Grey that works well with strong colours- #280-76SF. and Pewter Opal is a lighter, mid-level Grey that compliments many of the warmer, subtle shades- #280-72SF.

A reminder of some of the stuff added fairly recently, here's some of the expanding opal line-

Fusers Reserve- a seemingly unlimited variety of one-of-a-kind colour mixes-

One of the most unusual and stunning line of glass- the Aventurines (3 choices)(check out the series of Seuss themed fused plates Zenia and Mike are working on-

Reactives (just ask us to explain this cool effect) and Collage-

And a gentle reminder of some of their other glass-Opalarts-

and Spirits-

And while all of this glass is Sys96 Glass specially formulated for fusing, remember, it is glass and is also suitable for all your stained glass projects as well!

Funny, we don't miss Bullseye at all...

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