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Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Somewhat Self-Explanatory Note

Letter sent to Spectrum Glass yesterday-

"Dear Spectrum,
In our interest to further promote fusing and to better educate our customers I have a question for you.
We recently learnt that you have discontinued SP209, a translucent white that has been extremely popular for us so much so that I can now afford single malt scotch and no longer need to suffer the inferior blended variety. As you can see from the short video attached of a plate we made utilizing both 200 and 209, the need for an alternative to 200 is important to us and to our customers. As a matter of fact to hold us over we made a good sized purchase of some 'T' 209 to assure some continued inventory. I also might assume that 209 is also being used by you in the production of some of your Spirits if not also your Opalarts?
Now I understand market demand/limited production capacity/technical issues and so on, but might you be able to further enlighten us as to why 209 has stopped production? I ask not in anger but only to better inform our clientele.
Thank You

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