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Thursday, 16 July 2015

NEW! Advanced Fusing Course!

This course is designed to build on experience gained in any basic Fusing Seminar. 
While topics listed may seem to be of a more advanced nature and that the skill/knowledge level may vary amongst participants, the instructors (yes, there will be more than one)  will devote some time to reviewing the basics (compatibility, kiln knowledge, programming, slumping, etc) as well as advanced cutting techniques such as strip/circle cutting.
The course runs six weeks (21 hours) on Thursdays from 6:45pm to 10:15pm.

Topics to be covered;
• using dams and kiln furniture
• pulling your own stringers (vitro graphic style)
• making pattern bars
• pot melts
• mini-puddles using terra cotta pots for jewelry, etc
• advanced glass cutting (including techniques such  repetitive strip and circle cutting)
• Creating powder wafers
• Freeze and Fire
• mini pattern bars 
• mini puddles  using terracotta containers
• emboss with the blanket (fibre relief)
• metal inclusions including silver and copper foil
• creating bubbles
• using texture
• glass bottle slumping
• working with reactive glass, copper screen
• using rubber stamps
• Freeze and fuse
• problem solving including the discussion of firing problems such as air bubbles, devitrification, colour change, sticking kiln wash, glass fingering and anything else students may wish to cover.

Students will be given a binder (colour yet TBD) the first week of class with notes that will be added to throughout the term of the course. We anticipate the syllabus to be substantial and a valuable resource into the future.

Cost of the course includes:
• all firings 
• glass sundries such as stringers/noodles, powders and frits, preformed dots, etc
• chemicals such as oversprays and glues
• a selection of molds and fibre blanket
• additional kiln shelves and dams for individual use
• syllabus and additional patterns
• use of bandsaw, glass table saw, lamp working torches
• access to frit makers and frit sorters
On class nights the store will remain open to 8PM exclusively for students.
Some Notes:
1) topics covered may vary during the course according to the whim of the students and sober level of the instructors.
2) Studio access is open outside the formal class time for catchup/playing (but no dancing).

Details here.

Cost ........ $395.00 
Six Weeks Starting:

Thursday September 24, 2015 ..... 6:45 pm to 10:15 pm
(ending Thursday October 29)

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