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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

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Finally a Foiler That Offers All the Benefits 
Without the Vices

Don’t end up like this person.
He didn’t buy the FIGFANS 
(Fantasy In Glass Foiler that Avoids Neck Strain) 
and now he’s sorry.

Enter the FIGFANS, the world's best copper foil applicator.

 Packed with a host of proprietary technologies that truly enhances the foiling process, the FIGFANS has been intensively designed and extensively field tested to assure effectiveness and ideal ergonomics, and to avoid malicious lawsuits.

The FIGFANS is another in a long line of proprietary quality products from FIG Tools that began several years ago with the introduction of the FIG GlasStretcher.

But don’t believe us.

Try it for yourself.

After all, when you consider the alternative, 
we thought we’d spare you the headache.

Another quality product from FlG Tools, 
a humble and penitent division ofFIG Inc.

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