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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Even Better Yet- Kilns Again!

The Canadian made Cone Art kiln pictured here, if you notice, has a side door as well as a lift up lid- apparently Mr. Tucker was a frustrated pizza pie maker. This kiln is ideal for both fusing and for annealing torchworked beads (the elements are encased in quartz to protect them from prodding rods). 
We've been able to get Cone Art to make this kiln (measuring 9" x 9") without a door and can offer it to you at a little better introductory price- basically, pre-order this specific kiln and we'll give it to you for $488.88!
Now remember, this is a real kiln. Not one of those 'foamy' kilns with the coils buried that can't be serviced. This one is made like the big boys- you know- stainless steel surround, high temp premium grade fibrebrick, infinite switch, hinged lid (not a lift-off), CSA Approved, and includes a pyrometer, stand, shelf, posts and kilnwash...

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