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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Spectrum Adds Another Colour

New! All That Glitters is . . . Bullseye... oops, I mean, Green!
New System 96 Aventurine Green is here! You know what Aventurine looks like…right? Of course you do- Bullseye did it over a decade ago.
Spectrum says, "Our Aventurine Extreme springs to life with super-sized flecks of sparkling metallic flake, embedded in a luscious, rich green", (just like Bullseye!... Mikey adds).
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Anonymous said...

I've been fusing with Bullseye for years, and of course have used their chromium greens as you note. Spectum comes out with one and makes it like it's all their invention. How come your the only one pointing this stuff out?
Bill Green