Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Plucked From You Tube For You

Noodling around on the web the other day (Mikey's favourite porn site must have been down) we came across this cute little video. Now we hate it when people think that they alone are the purveyors of all things cool and then inundate your email box with stuff that often really isn't cool at all, but give this one a quick shot. I thought it could have been made with Bullseye's glass rodz given the vibrant colours used- find it here.

Note to Gary Brown- sorry I haven't been in touch- email me your tel#.


FusedLight said...

Mikey, oh Mikey... here I've been sitting by the phone waiting, waiting, waiting for your call. The shades are drawn, the lights dim, and the phone stares, stares, stares at me.

No ring.

No beep.

Not even a "the number you are calling is currently out of service, please try again. Operator 34."


And all because I didn't give you my phone number! Alas, poor Horatio, the fault lies not with the stars but with ourselves! Or myself. Or perhaps the cat. Whatever.

Somehow this is all Lani's fault. Yes! That's it... Lani's fault.

Not me...


FusedLight said...

I sent the number, and I sat by the phone until 2AM. Waiting. Still waiting. The Dot kept saying "go to sleep". "No, No... Mikey will call, he Surely Will Call..."

But no.

I go out to the studio and cut 5,000 little 1/4 wide strips of BE001122 and BE001320, thinking of making an homage to Moje... and my head collapses on the work bench...

He said he'd call today. Godot? Mikey?