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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Homasote Is Back at FIG

Homasote is, with out a doubt, the perfect surface to work on. It's lightweight making it easy to transport, waterproof (no watermarks from that tumbler of scotch- no ice please), and you can easily use pushpins rather than nails to hold your glass project in place. It also gives slightly so it's equally great as a cutting surface. It comes in any colour you want so long as it's grey. But not only is it grey, it's also green- it's made of recycled newspaper. 
And while it's been impossible to get in Ontario for quite some time, that's not the case any more. That's right folks! Mikey the proud purveyor of all things impossible to get,  just arranged for and got 600 homasote work boards- in various sizes:

19" x 24" ...  $9.99! 
24" x 48"... $19.99!
48" x 48"... $29.99!
48" x 96"... $43.99!

And boy, we're proud to say that we were able to get them safely across the border- and imagine that, they don't need hydro approval.

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