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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Second Nicest Person in this Industry

... don't make me say it out loud who the nicest is...
Tosca, the owner/operator of Nanopod a hands-on studio and teaching facility for metal and glass, is holding a Glass Fusing Workshop coming up on August 29 from 11am-2pm-
"This workshop is a great way to enter the world of art glass. The techniques of fusing and slumping offer almost limitless possibilities for creating with color and form. You’ll learn how to cut glass, emboss-it, embed things in it, paint on it and fuse-it. Pendants, cuff links, brooches, ring tops, magnets, and other jewelry accessories can be created. Techniques learned may be transfered to larger work. All materials included, no experience required."
Call her at 647-219-0585.

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Laura Goff said...

Well darn..... I thought I was the nicest person in this industry. lol

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