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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Corning Again

The mecca of the glass world lies a mere four hours by car from Toronto in Upper New York state in the picturesque town of Corning. 
We've talked about the many glass related attractions in this town aside from the stunning Glass Museum many times over the years as it is a trip Mikey and Vanna Opal make frequently (I know it's the Blackberry beer at the Market Street Brew Pub that does it... Vanna). 
If you go to our 'PICTURES' page you'll see lots of pics Mikey has posted to give you a sense of what a great destination the town is. 
Of special note are some absolutely breathtaking Tiffany windows in a tiny nondescript church in the residential area of Corning. If you've ever been stuck listening to Mikey ramble on and on about these windows you'll probably remember he always finishes up with a rather vague description of their actual location, and what the church looks like. 
We're not sure why, but something about growing up in the late the sixties comes to mind. 
But we are here to help. 
Here is a picture of the street signs of the corner where the church sits and above is a picture of the church itself. 

A link to the photo album is here.
And Shirley from the Corning Information Centre was very nice to give us all sorts of brochures to pass out to anyone who asks...

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