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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

You Can All Pat Yourselves On The Back!

An old friend of Mikey's suffered a tragic loss a decade ago yet from this tragedy something wonderful and incredibly worthy came from it.
You see, Jim took his pain and suffering and channeled this loss into spending all year organizing an annual event to raise funds for the Silvercreek Pre-School, a facility serving children with particularily challenging and special needs. This event took place this past Saturday where Fantasy In Glass along with many others contributed towards a total now in the six figures! 
Now Mikey visited this pre-school awhile ago, and whatever you may think of Mikey, Vanna Opal knows that while Jim always cries when he visits Silvercreek as his love and support for this place runs deep, a tear did surely well up in Mikey's eye as well. 
So keep buying our scrap glass, used tools, storage crates and whatever else we may throw in as all this money goes towards supporting this wonderful facility.

And if you have an old iPad or any tablet that is no longer of benefit to you, perhaps consider bringing it in to us and we'll make sure Silvercreek gets it as they are an invaluable therapy tool for these unfortunate kids.
(it is not true maybe that a tear was said writing this blurb)

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