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Friday, 12 September 2014

Social Media Is A Bitch

We have had a long standing presence on several social media platforms- the things a Demented Store Owner must do these days to promote(!)- from Facebook to YouTube to Instagram and Twitter- but the go to place for information, knowledge, touching stories and the occasional factual paper (see Mikey's discovery of the Toyofigus) has always been this humble blog now numbering over 1500 entries since 2001. 
Now, occasionally Mikey gets all caught up trading vocal phrasings with the Bulgarian Womens' Choir and forgets that Facebook was not meant to be the primary source of go to news for Fantasy In Glass, hence this posting designed to get the blog caught up to the FB page. 
Mikey will not get wieners in his Mac'n'Cheese this week.
So here goes-
Mikey has made all of his fusing related books out for use to anyone who needs/craves access to some great defence material-

A popular feature on Instagram is the #TBT hashtag. This simply means that people are encouraged to post 'Throw Back Thursday' pictures of things from the past. It's now 20 years since we moved into the Swiss Cheesed GlassWerks Building so of course we posted a pic from that cold dreary day two decades ago-

Wanna see what a ton of solder looks like?

If you've ever had Zenia serve/teach you and haven't seen her around for awhile here's why-

Just got in another big batch of this stunning Fusers Reserve from Spectrum (the first 100+ ft sold out in three days!)-

Haven't been into the store in awhile? Then here's a quick tour-

One of the last projects (allegedly done by Zenia) just out of the kiln last week-

We stock well over 15,000 sale squares (stained glass and fusible glass) and the most popular higher end glass in those racks is our Youghiogheny Stipples measuring 10" x 12"-

Same shipment and some of the Youghiogheny full sheets to replenish our inventory-

We are the only store in the World that has glass to match Sharon's wardrobe-

Here's a large painted glass window Mikey and Vanna tripped across in the Montreal subway last month (impossible in Toronto- we don't build subways anymore... Vanna)-

A shameless plug promoting the arrival of the manufacturer of what likely is to become Mikey's kryptonite! Our new neighbour Anet (and Mike) Gesualdi Macarons-

Mikey shared a pic of his recent reactives experiment (just ask him about reactives, but do it early in the day- it might take that long... Vanna Opal)-

Matching Sharon's wardrobe again-

Back to Instagram for another #TBT picture from our renovations at 703 The Queensway 20 years ago-

And with this totally tasteless photo, we close the day satiated that all are now properly caught up...

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