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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Another reason For Bullseye to be P.O.'d Maybe?

Oh, I guess about 15 years ago, Bullseye came out with a stunning Aventurine Blue, a steel blue with a never before seen metallic flake finish.
Now from Spectrum, System 96 #138AV Aventurine Blue just arrived in our back door. 
Copywriter warning- "Fire a piece – and peer into the depths of the icy, blue-black, galaxy of metallic flake. It’s riveting… intense…. elegant. Dazzling new Blue joins Extreme Green in the Aventurine family"... and once again Spectrum seems to be following Bullseye (letters to fig@fantasyinglass.com)... 
We have a Bullseye shipment due in the next week or so. With it will be coming about a dozen new colours including their original Aventurine Blue cathedral as well as an Aventurine Blue Streaky. More details to follow.

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