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Friday, 23 January 2009

Fusing Photo Paper at FIG

As if having pictures of every relative you have, on the mantlepiece or dining room wall,  wasn’t painful enough. Now, whether they want it or not, you can return the favour by turning all your family pictures into pieces of art(?) by printing them on ashtrays, beer coasters and trivets and all manner of other things by using this new fusing photo paper and enclosing them in glass. What a great way to have relatives (or people allegedly named Roman), that you're not really fond of, never forget you with this terrific way to give a personalized gift. Oh, the humanity!
Fusing photo paper comes with two pieces in the package (8 1/2” x 11”) and requires the use of a laser printer with a cartridge high in iron oxide to work.
How does this magic work? The printer uses an electrostatic charge to stick the toner to the paper. When using the fusing photo paper, the pigment in the toner burns out and leaves just the iron. The iron is what produces the sepia colored image. Fantasy In Glass once again offers the opportunity to inflict ourselves on those who may or may not think so highly of us.

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