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Thursday, 15 January 2009

We Have To Talk About Coneart Kilns

So what's with the cryptic notes on our website about Coneart kilns? 
What happened then and how is it going now, Mikey asked. 
Several years ago we had a dealership for about eight minutes with Coneart for their Canadian made kilns. And then we had it yanked away from us for reasons best left unsaid (Mikey will reveal all one day when he retires and writes a book- don't worry Gary, it'll have lots of pictures).
Now we sell them again, and we couldn't be happier (well we could but that’s for a different blog). 
Being a Canadian manufacturer takes away the pain and expense of getting electrical approval and even more so, it gives us a significant price advantage over almost every other manufacturer as most of them are American. 
And heck, since they're local they even deliver to us removing any risk of damages (thanks Ed the Delivery Guy).
We inventory two of their most popular kilns and will special order any other kiln you see on
this page.
The Coneart BX117 kiln for example, is the largest kiln made that can still be efficiently run on a regular household curent. That’s right- you can just unplug the fridge (heck, you won’t be able to afford food anyway after you start feeding your adiction for fusible glass) and run this kiln in its place.
And we sell it for $899.99. Along with a Bartlett computer controller. And a shelf. And a stand. And posts. And kilnwash. And Ian the Really Nice Techie Guy Who’s Really Helpful in the unlikely event of a problem. And of course Frank the frustrated Pizza Maker...
Jennifer, The picture at the top is your birthday present- it just arrived!

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