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Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Onslaught Begins (or is it Continues) and Why we Have No Monthly Sale This January

Allow us to quote a previous entry:

“The opportunity this year is greater than ever: to lead change, and inspire. While the rest of our industry huddles and holds back, here's a golden chance for us to take charge and continue to be a leader and grow this industry.
How? We plan to increase our selection of glass and tools while our Canadian supplier is doing the opposite. We will continue to source out alternate supply sources to keep our pricing as economical as possible. We’ll buy Canadian supplies from Canadian sources that won’t add on an ‘American Dollar Surcharge’ (presently around 16%).

Tomorrow will demonstrate our resolve.
Monday marks the receipt of two truck shipments from the U.S. in one day! These shipment find us expanding (and some replenishing of) our inventory of tools, dichroic glass (yes, scrap packs too), all manner of cutters (including the long lamented bottle cutter finally!), Sys96 fusible glass, and some other stuff best left unsaid at this time.
We also hit the trifecta Monday with a third delivery from our One and Only Canadian Supplier (OOCS), which hopefully should have some of the many Spectrum glasses that have been out of stock for some time such as Clear Baroque, Clear Krinkle, and numerous fusible glasses. We’ll also get a fresh supply of Sale Squares (about 1000 pcs!).
Coming up later this month, another U.S. truck shipment and a factory direct Bullseye shipment which will include all of their new colours (about a dozen)...

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Anonymous said...

I hope you got a Cutter's Mate on that truckload.