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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Happy New Year

Not really a big fan of New Year's, even if it is the Ukrainian one.
Hollow, forced merriment, excessive drinking (wait- maybe I am a fan) and then there’s those resolutions to come up with, only to break them hours later (I promise to be less critical of our industry- breaking that one should be fairly easy, oops, just did). And then there’s the rope burns (oops, wrong blog....).
But, the new year does offer one great opportunity. A chance to set new expectations and make new goals.
Like a fresh piece of Uroboros ring mottled artglass, the possibilities are exciting. Why not exceed them?
The place where expectations are lowest: leadership. Everyone expects you to get in line and follow, not lead.
Not Fantasy In Glass.
The opportunity this year is greater than ever: to lead change, and inspire. While the rest of our industry huddles and holds back, here's a golden chance for us to take charge and continue to be a leader and grow this industry.
How? We plan to increase our selection of glass and tools while our Canadian supplier is doing the opposite. We will continue to source out alternate supply sources to keep our pricing as economical as possible. We’ll buy Canadian supplies from Canadian sources that won’t add on an ‘American Dollar Surcharge’ (presently around 16%).
You should see these changes happen this month as we start with our Fusing Department. Coming in almost immediately is more fusible glass from Bullseye, Spectrum and Uroboros, more dichroic (yes, scrap paks are back) and more kilns, all with the intent to continue to lead as Canada’s best source for all your artglass needs, whether it’s for stained glass, torchwork, or for fusing.

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