Diary of a Demented Store Owner

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Piece of FIG History

Here's your chance to get a legitimate and official (signed) piece of Fantasy In Glass history.
More importantly to make a charitable donation towards the Silvercreek Preschool!
Mikey and the staff tore down a set of glass racks today. 
You see it seems ever more popular for our customers to buy from our sales racks so we decided to dance a rack and put a bunch of boxes on the floor in their place.
We even have a stop motion video of the process pending.
So, what's the history/donation angle?
We have a bunch of ruler straight pieces of plywood in 24" and 48" lengths which are absolutely perfect as stops for your lead/copperfoil projects and/or as a straight edge for drawing/strip glass cutting. Heck you can even build pretty things with them.
So, come in and throw 25 cents into our donation box for a 24" piece.
Or 50 cents for a 48" piece.

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